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VIP Retreats

Give Yourself the Gift of Retreat, to Recharge & Renew


This is Your Own Personal Day,

We Partner With You To Create The Experience You Desire to Succeed.

For clients who want optimal results fast
Treat yourself to our
one-of-a-kind VIP DAY

When was the last time you took time to pause, re-group and discover who you are as an individual, time to reflect on the deeper questions in life such as, what new desires or goals would I like to explore and how can I learn to reconnect to my own authentic state of being?


Our VIP Day Retreats are fully customized based upon the client's goals and desired outcome.


Surrounded by soothing sounds and calming elements your day will be customized totally to support your learning and discovery. Partnering with our knowledge in holistic wellness your day may include coaching with a targeted vision for results , hands on experience with opportunities for creative expressions, combined with therapeutic aromatherapy to enhance the emotional aspects for sustaining results.


These are only a few of the modalities we offer each clients experience will differ based upon their needs and desired journey.

The Value of a Retreat

Retreats are ideal for the individuals that are:


  • On the fast track and ready to jump in and make the necessary changes to creating the life they desire.


  • On the fast track feeling burned out and needing to hit the pause button and take a deep breath to re-charge and re-explore what's next.


  • Individuals who are tired of being stuck in status quo and ready to explore the next level of success


  • Excited to kickstart the next chapter of their lives to being more authentic, deeply fulfilled and a renewed creative spirit

Retreat Benefits:
  • One-on-one dedicated time to maximize your development, personal and professional growth and commit to inspired actions.


  • A protected and inspiring space that supports reflection, experience, expression and transformation.


  • Access to valuable tools, technologies and insight that will far surpass the price of the retreat

  • Dedicated "Me Time" to invest in yourself and create a life that truly matters

Retreats are held in a spa-like setting
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