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Work Place Success

Your Recipe for Work Place Success

Where do you spend your energy during the work week? What do you focus on each day that results either in achieving your goals or draining your resources?

The best way to increase your work place success is to maximize your energy and focus each day to ensure you leave the work place Friday afternoon feeling successful instead of frustrated and drained. As a Work Place Success Coach, I've created a Recipe for Work Place Success that outlines a theme for each day of the week. A theme to help Working Professionals align their energy for increased levels of success.

Give it a try! Even if you can only spare a few minutes each day, start the day with each day's intention. Develop a practice by following a work place regiment such as the Recipe for Work Place Success and notice how your work week flows, is more productive and promotes more flexibility and fulfillment. Use Your Energy to Win in the Work Place

Your Work Place Success Starts Here

Monday Magic - This is the beginning of the work week and a perfect time to ensure you're generating the right type of energy. Spend a few moments exploring the questions: What are my desires for the week? Notice the word "desires" not "needs" or "requirements". Be realistic, ask questions such as "what if?" or "why not?" This is the day to think outside the box to explore ideas on how this week can differ from the

last? Explore ideas for increased productivity, fulfillment and impact.

Monday is all about being creative and exploring projects from a new perspective.

Tuesday - Its Time to Excel Tuesday is a day to direct all of your focus and energy on the most desired task or outcome. I realize we all have clear requirements daily that must be completed. However, select at least one item on your to-do list that you enjoy or a new concept that keeps coming to mind that you haven't explored. I invite you to work with the creative spark today to increase your work place fulfillment. Embrace the feeling of completing one or two of your most desired tasks. Sometimes you may only have thirty minutes, one hour or all day to complete a desired task. Regardless of the time commitment, the outcome of accomplishment will generate excitement and momentum for the rest of the work week.

Wednesday -We've Got This! We're building momentum as we work our way through the work week. Keep it going! Wednesday is all about tackling the small little tasks that you some times resist, or tasks that have been promised but keep getting put on the back burner. Today is about saying "Yes" to getting things done and enjoying the feeling of being productive. Play with the energy of "Get R Done" mentality, you might be surprised how much you can accomplish today.

Thursday - Transformational Today is a day of Impact! A day with extreme focus. Plan your schedule to arrive to work early, stay late or whatever adjustment it takes to "work full out". This is a day that you step outside your comfort zone, target projects or activities that will make the most impact to your success. As an example, if you're in a Sales role, you may consider giving the most sales presentations, identifying increased number of sales leads or actually setting a goal to close x number of sales. Maybe you're in a leadership position and decide to present that new idea you've been thinking about to the senior executives. This day requires lots of energy and focus so make sure you set yourself up for success with breaks, good food choices, extra sleep the night before and plenty of hydration. Plan the routine and schedule you need to thrive.

Friday - Fabulous Hooray it's Friday! Bring the spirit of feeling and being simply fabulous to work today..Go ahead just say to yourself. I'm going to be simply fabulous today! Evoke a fresh step in your pace and a smile on your face it's almost weekend or time to wind down and do your best work. This is a day to sprinkle a sense of "freedom" into your work day. Be productive but take more breaks, create more space in your work day and take a few more liberties to be creative. This may include looking back over the work week to acknowledge the accomplishments you've made, or to plan for the upcoming week. Spend time developing and nurturing work place relationships and the impact they have on your success. This work place mindset may fall in line with switching up the wardrobe to "dress down casual" but still professional. Find a way that works for you to create the spirit of Fabulous Friday. Notice how this small shift in energy leaves you feeling more work place fulfillment, a sense of freedom and increased overall success.

The Recipe for Work Place Success was designed to increase momentum and productivity. To ultimately support Working Professionals in their desire to explore and excel on short and long term success goals. Each person's experience using the recipe may differ. The suggestions outlined in the Recipe for Work Place Success may provide a clear road map for some to follow, others may choose to take each day's theme and identify new ideas that work best for them. Regardless of the method, commitment to each days theme will kick start your creative spirit and help to develop your own sense of rhythm, style and success.

I hope you enjoy playing with and applying the Recipe for Work Place Success. Give it a try and find new ways to include it in your work day. Drop me a line to let me know what works for you and what doesn't work as well. I'd love to hear from you!

If you're interested in learning more about the many tools and technologies available to increase your workplace success, visit my website at: and schedule your free success strategy session.

Wishing You Much Success!

Donna Tarquinio, CPC, ELI-MP, ACC, CTPLC, CLDS

Workplace Success Coach

Beyond Status Quo


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