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Tips to Re-Charge After A Long Work-Week

It’s Time to Re-Charge


It’s The Weekend Ready – Set – Re-Charge

So you’ve had a hectic work week and feeling like your mind could explode…you’re head hurts, you’re feeling a little drained of energy and ready to leave it all behind….

It’s the weekend and time to let go of the tension and re-charge your body, mind and spirit so you can maximize your focus and productivity in the new week ahead.

  • Release – Organize – Prepare

Before leaving the office or your place of work take a moment and clear all the clutter from your desk or work space, spend a few minutes at the end of your day to re-organize paperwork and accessories by placing them in folders or away from your visibility. Leave your work space fresh, clean and inviting for the new work week. This will help you to 1) mentally put an end to the work week and 2) create an inspiring environment to return.

  • Capture Your Wins

Before leaving your work space for a little rest and relaxation take the opportunity to record 3-5 wins or opportunities you’ve experienced this week and place them into a work journal. This ritual will help you to feel some level of success and accomplishment at the end of the work week

  • .Envision Your Intention

Don’t start the new work week by responding to urgent demands, take a moment on Friday afternoon to review your calendar and set 1-3 intentions for your new work week. This process will allow you to feel in control of your work experience and kick things off to a good start.

  • Schedule Dedicated Me Time

Weekends can sometimes be hectic with catching up on the “honey-do” list or spending time with family and friends which is always exciting.

However, get into a routine of carving out 1-2 hours of “re-fueling me time” for self-care and to kick start your creativity. Start your day off with a workout, visit the book store and explore travel ideas, take a fun class and learn about your favorite bottle of wine, consider a meditation class to help you relax and feel renewed. Each weekend create a plan for personal time combined with self-care to let your mind explore the “what if” and “why not” concepts.

  • Get Out of Your Head and Into Your Heart

We spend so much of our work week responding to one task after the next often solving difficult problems or trying to create unique solutions which takes an incredible amount of brain power. Use the weekends to move from the head back to the heart through community involvement, reconnecting with family and friends, volunteer…Being of service to others even in small ways, take time to reflect on what you are grateful for and even the accomplishments you’ve had over the week or the lessons you’ve learned will help you return to the heart and feel more joy and inner peace.

  • Re-Energize Your Body

Work weeks can be hectic and sometimes too busy to take care of our physical body and ensure that we experience the movement our body needs. Schedule time in your weekend to take that run that you always enjoy through a new section of the neighborhood, play tennis with your spouse or schedule a Saturday night outing that includes dancing.

  • Ignite Your Senses

Sometimes we feel “beaten” at the end of the work week and our sensory experiences have been limited to non-existent. Jump start your senses and level of excitement and creativity by trying new taste, seeing new sights, feeling a new texture or connection to a new friend, listen to an old song that makes you smile, hold hands with a spouse, or an elderly parent, take time to smell the aroma of your favorite coffee.

  • Re-connect to your Intuition

Work weeks are often focused on “getting things done” maximizing our performance and taking action to increase the tangible results. Weekends are a perfect time to slow down, listen to your inner sensations and get in touch with what wants to happen underneath the surface. Spend a few minutes writing in your journal first thing in the morning when you wake up, download a new meditation and give it a try even if it’s 10-15 minutes, you will feel so refreshed and renewed when you finish. Increase your self-awareness by asking yourself some deep thought provoking questions and listen to what’s coming up, you might be surprised. There are many ways to get in touch with our inner wisdom, find a practice that resonates and works best for you.

  • Re-fuel with Alternative Wellness

Alternative wellness is often used as a preventive measure to overcome the mental, emotional or physical illness. So, keeping in the theme of refueling and recharging try one of these aromatherapy blends listed below:

These blends can help energize and stimulate you when you are fatigued.

When selecting and using oils, be sure to follow all safety precautions and remember that aromatherapy should not be used as a substitute for proper medical treatment.

For highest quality pure therapeutic essentials oils to purchase or request additional recipes please visit

Thank you for taking the time to read our blog, We hope some of the tips listed above provide new insights on creating your ideal work experience and helping you to recharge after a long work week. For a complete list of services to assist you with creating your ideal work experience so you enjoy increased levels of personal fulfillment and success please visit us at

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