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The Power of Perception

Percpetion determines Success

Perception is the process by which people translate sensory impressions into a coherent and unified view of the world around them. It is our mechanism for assessing and making sense of the world we experience from one moment to the next.

Think of all the ways in which you experience the world around you. For example, you recognize your favorite food by its aroma, the way it looks and taste. You recognize your favorite song being played on the radio by hearing the melody and experiencing the way it makes you feel. You recognize a rose by viewing the textures of its petals, the aroma of its scent and the experiences you’ve associated with it. These experiences may include a pleasant experience when you received flowers from a friend or an unpleasant memory of being stuck by its thorns. Recognizing and interpreting sensory information is the way we define meaning to our world and the experiences associated with each perception.

Our perception holds the key to how we interpret our experiences and offers the mechanism to consider different points of view and the ability to shift our perspectives to create more empowering experiences.

Our perception holds the key to how we interpret our experiences and offers the mechanism to consider different points of view and the ability to shift our perspectives to create more empowering experiences.

The way we view the world will determine how we react and respond

Our perceptions and the interpretations we experience creates a reaction and determines how we respond to the situation. This reaction in turn will create a positive experience or less than desirable experience all based on how we perceived the situation. Perceptions present themselves with a focus on supporting or preventing us from experiencing a particular type of experience.

Positive perceptions allow us to move forward toward our desires and goals, while negative perceptions protect us and prevent us from experiencing pain associated with a past experience. This process of perception to action or non-action becomes our reality, our world and our level of fulfillment or the lack thereof.

As an example, our interpretation of the selection of food we eat, how we experience other people, whether we are happy in our jobs, our workdays or the world as a whole. These reactions create a large database of “likes and dislikes” that contribute to the programming we operate from and often create the outcome which determines whether we enjoy our day or find it to be boring, dreadful or some other less than desired experience.

Using the Power of Perception to Increase Success

Our ability to increase awareness and acknowledge the power of perception will open the door for greater perspectives and new experiences that lead the way to more powerful results.

Consider the two examples listed below as an indicator of which perception will contribute to the highest level of success.

Example 1 -

“I absolutely hate my work life; I’m bored out of my mind, not paid enough and can’t wait until the end of the work day”.

Example 2 -

“I absolutely love my work day and enjoy being engaged each moment. I make a conscious decision each morning when I get out of bed that I will find ways to contribute, express my views and have fun along the way”.

Which work day would you like to experience? The opportunity to shift our perception and re-define how we perceive the world opens the door to positive change, new experiences and greater outcomes. This level of awareness can be used to create change in all areas of life from testing out a new beverage at the local coffee shop, creating a new friendship you previously felt was not desirable or taking a new journey on your way to work, the potential is limitless.

Imagine a tool that could reflect your self-perception?

What if you had a process of awareness to identify how you currently interact with the world? How you routinely think, feel and act about your experiences throughout the day and the impact it has on your level of personal fulfillment? What if you had a tool that is similar to holding up a mirror to your perceptions and identifies why you struggle in some areas and strive in others?

How might this level of awareness create positive change in your life?

Create a Plan for Success

If you’re ready to take control of how your perceptions creates your success or leaves you feeling less than your desired level of fulfillment, I would like to introduce you to my signature assessment that I use with all of my clients. This assessment is called the Energy Leadership Index Assessment (ELI) that offers a 20 minute on-line assessment, a 60 minute debrief and a full customized report. This report provides a current snapshot of your perceptions and outlines how to use this system to manage, monitor and shift your perceptions so they create the desired success you need to live a happy and productive lifestyle.

As a personal thank you for taking the time to read my blog I would like to offer you a considerable discount for taking the assessment. When you contact me and mention “new perceptions” I will ensure that you receive special discount pricing off the regular assessment pricing.

To learn more visit our website at:

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