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Moving from Monday Madness to Monday is Marvelous Mindset

Do you suffer from Monday anxiety and experience difficulty with re-focusing your attention to engage with your to-do list and re-igniting your passion for your work? According to industry research more people are prone to having heart attacks on Monday morning than any other day of the week. These findings are based upon increased levels of stress and anxiety of starting a new work week. What if we simply decided to change our perspective from viewing Monday as Madness to viewing Monday as Marvelous! An exciting day that we look forward to instead of aligning our energy with anxiety? How might this kickoff a week of opportunity,,creativity and inspired actions?

As self-leaders we realize the importance of aligning our values with our work, and identifying core thoughts, feelings and actions that support a productive and fulfilling life. I believe Monday morning is one of the greatest opportunities to experience this power of choice that is a result of self-leadership.

I know that it’s easier said than done and although it might sound like a fabulous idea, how do we incorporate this ritual into our weekly routines? A few simple steps to consider is the importance of creating a mindset of intention, and choosing our responses to create thoughts of inspiration or excitement for the upcoming week. To become mindful of our responses to triggered reactions which repeat the same habits, and beliefs each and every week that promotes the feeling of "groundhog day" experience that we all start to dread.

My goal in this article is to provide a few thoughts, tips and suggestions to consider. Notice the ideas that resonate most deeply with you, and provide the greatest level of inspiration. Select 1-3 of these ideas and begin to include them in your schedule, altering as needed to receive the desired result.

Monday is Marvelous Mindset:

  • Adopt the “Monday is Marvelous” as your Mantra repeating it often especially on Sunday evenings preparing yourself to transition back into your work life. As you continue to work with this mantra and create fun and inspiring experiences around it, you will begin to notice the energetic shifts that have taken place surrounding your thoughts and feeling about Mondays.

  • Start your Day with Inner Peace and Purpose: Each Monday begin your day slowly, when the alarm clock sounds allow yourself to awake fully, noticing the sun rays beaming in your window or the feeling of nature that surrounds your space. Take a few moments to feel your body, breathe gently allowing your thoughts to show up naturally. Just notice them, no need to respond. Take a few moments to reflect upon: how can I make this week the most rewarding and deeply fulfilling week? What is one thing that I can do to have more fun, express one of my values more deeply? How can I balance my week with my personal need to enjoy my life? Just reflect on these questions without judgment or desired outcome simply notice what shows up. When you’re ready transition slowly from your bed and start your day. No more hitting the alarm clock and jumping out of bed, this starts the day in a state of anxiety.

  • Values Based Focus: Select one of your primary values to work with throughout the week. By asking, what do I desire more of this week? What do I desire less of? These questions will provide insight into what your heart needs to experience fulfillment.

  • Checking your Inbox: Replace the habit you’ve developed for rushing to check your computer to view the latest emails that have arrived overnight to turning your focus inward and begin to tune into your own internal messages that desire to be heard. By dedicating a few moments of meditation to begin following your breath, transition into a state of gratitude and listening to your heart’s desires will create the inner peace you desire to create the foundation for a new week. This doesn’t have to be an extended experience even a few moments will work wonders.

  • The Journey to Work: Pinpoint an artist or a genre of music that helps you feel alive and in touch with “who you are as an individual” to play while you’re transitioning from home to work. This could also be an audio book on inspiration or any other form of communication that inspires you. Planning ahead to select a series of entertainment options specifically to create a state of inspiration and connection will prevent you from starting the week in a reactive verses choice mode.

  • Arriving in your Work Space: Develop a practice at the end of each work week to remove any unnecessary clutter from your work space. Spend a few moments organizing your space to have a sense of organization and peacefulness. Leave a message on your computer that welcomes you to a new work week, this could include a joke that make you laugh, a picture that sparks an exciting memory or an inspirational quote that you feel connected to. Working in a space that is free of stress and stress producing items will add to your week long enjoyment

  • Getting into the Game: Start your work week with choice and intention. Try to avoid scheduling appointments on Monday mornings if possible. Spend time creating your schedule, responding to email, and activities that doesn’t require stimulation. Allow Monday mornings to be your time for “inner work”, work that requires your involvement at your own pace, your own creativity time.

  • Tools for Re-engaging, Reconnecting to your To-Do List:Consider using therapeutic essential oils to relieve your anxiety and help you return to a status of focus. I often use 3-4 drops of Peppermint essential oil to my crown which helps me to engage with my work. This little change in my work week has never failed to produce positive results. Each time I’m working on a project that requires focus I never go it alone, I always reach for the peppermint. Give it a try!

I hope you’ve enjoyed exploring a few thoughts on how to create a Monday Marvelous Mindset. For more information or to discuss your options for living a life of Self-Leadership filled with deeper levels of fulfillment, more authentic expression and a renewed creative spirit give us a call at 800-732-9801 or visit our website at

Until then, Live, Love and Lead Inspired.

Donna Tarquinio

Beyond Status Quo

Purpose with Presence

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