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The Power of the Container

Containers provide structure, a protected channel that ideas can safely move from beginning inspiration into physical form.

Have you ever set an intention to create positive changes in your life and found it difficult to sustain momentum long enough to reach your desired results? Maybe you’re the type of person that is filled with creative inspirations but have difficulty transforming ideas and inspirations into physical form? Have you ever yearned to have someone to guide you and offer support when feeling alone frustrated and overwhelmed? If you’ve experienced any of these or similar challenges while trying to evoke positive change in your life, consider the container as your solution to success.

This protected space provides the core energy to:

  • Maintain focus

  • Remove judgment and distraction

  • Offer support when you're taken off course and unsure how to move forward

  • Build momentum and sustained success for reaching your goals

The container is a safe chamber to protect ideas that often get diluted or discouraged by the judgment of others. It offers nurturing and support when you’re feeling stuck or lacking inspiration; the solid foundation to guide you forward preventing distraction or venturing outside the walls of your true desires. The container could be considered a type of “womb”, a protected space with all the right conditions required for new ideas to be born.

Everyone Needs a Container

Transformational Coaching provides the perfect container. A time not only for exploring new ideas, desires and interests but also a protected space free of judgment. An opportunity to relax, feel safe and explore true desires. As your goals and aspirations are clarified, coaching becomes the “container” for maintaining focus, inspiration, accountability and forward movement with dedication, and commitment for inspired actions. This process is vital to transforming hopes and dreams into a tangible reality in the most streamlined process. During this experience the client not only celebrates the completion of their projects and desired goals, but deeply enjoys the discovery process uncovering many new discoveries along the way.

What happens when you don’t have a container?

When ideas and inspirations are left in a free form fashion they routinely can’t survive the never ending cycle of continuing to explore, enhance or ponder on what if. Only when ideas are taken into a structure of support and shared in a nurturing process of focus, accountability, commitment and actions will the physical form suffice. This is the power of coaching, coaching to provide the container for harnessing inspiration into physical form.


This is where the value of coaching works best, it provides a dedicated time for both coach and client to show up fully, become present and let go of all other distractions. This is a sacred space for honoring “what wants to happen” during each session to ensure desired goals and objectives are given the absolute best focus for success. Coaching also provides a framework of focus to use during periods when working alone. Through your commitment to honor the dedicated time, space and focused desires, you begin strengthening a new muscle of creativity and dedicated engagement that becomes more ritualistic in nature. A process that promotes increased success.

As you begin to experience the power of the container to include stepping outside the container for short breaks combined with periods of renewal you will discover your own natural balance between focus and freedom. Freedom to choose the right combination between disciplining yourself to return to the container for harnessing the core energy required to support growth and expansion and combined periods of renewal for long-term success.

What Takes You Outside The Container?

With today’s never ending to do list and the increasing distractions created by the magnitude of stimulation that surrounds us. Technology and information is often marked as critical data and requires our immediate attention. These interruptions all compete for our attention and often prevent us from being productive. In fact, it’s almost impossible to focus clearly without disruption. Hence the power of the container is the best path to success.

Transformational Coaching is the Container

If this article resonated with you or you’ve discovered the pain and frustration experienced each time a New Year’s resolution fails to succeed. Or maybe you desire to transform some part of your life such as your career, finances, workout routine and discovered it difficult or impossible to maintain success.

If you’re tired of wasting time trying to succeed at the same old ideas and desires maybe it’s time to try a new container for success. If you’re ready to transform your ideas into physical form don’t frustrate yourself by going it alone. Partner with me as your coach, to be your container for harnessing the right environment for your desires to bloom.

I’m a passionate and powerful Transformational Coach who is eager to help you move beyond the pain and frustration of going it along. Let’s explore the many options to partner together and create the perfect container for your new adventures.

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