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Meet Donna

Executive Coach & Consultant

Author - Inspired Authentic Leadership

Founder Beyond Status Quo llc

Committed to Purpose, Passion & Increased Potential


  • Leaders who choose to create a life based on values, and desires verses simply reacting to what life brings their way.


  • A leadership greatness that is sustaining and thriving.

Professional Affiliations

Donna holds coaching certifications accredited by the International Coach Federation and the Institute for Professional Excellence in Coaching, IPEC, the nation's leading Institute for Coaching Excellence.


  • Certified Transformational Presence Coach, CTPC,

  • Certified Professional Coach, CPC,

  • Certified Energy Leadership Index Master Practitioner ELI-MP

  • Certified Professional Coach,  PCC, International Coach Federation (ICF)

  • Certified Core Dynamics Leadership Specialist,

  • Narrative Coach Enhanced Practitioner

  • Specializing in the Core Energy Coaching Process™

  • Program Director, ICF-Central Florida

  • Mentor Coach Registered in the ICF Mentor Coach Registry.

  • Facilitator of the Energy Leadership Mastermind Group.

Beyond Coaching - Coaching is a proven and empowering way to support client goals. However, Donna also pulls from her own life experiences as a leadership professional combined with her studies and accomplishments in holistic wellness, professional design and development and workshop experience to ensure client success.


Donna is a proud Mother of two adult son's, happily married to her loving husband and enjoys lots of playtime with her Cocker Spaniel named Harmony.


Leadership Career


Donna has an accomplished career history working for several Fortune 100/500 corporations such as Lockheed Martin, Raytheon, General Electric and others in leadership excellence initiatives.


Her experience spans managing multi-million dollar contracts, program and project management, leadership of large engineering and adminstrative teams, and business development and executive operations.


She is a Certified Program Manager, Lockheed Martin.


Career history in talent leadership development programs, peak performance and customer service of excellence initiatives.

In addition to her Leadership skills she understands the importance of balance and holds numerous certifications in the area of professional design, alternative wellness and energy modalities.


At some point in our life we begin to ask the question: is this really all there is in life? Even though we experience marked sucess in many areas of our life, regardless if it's in our careers, families, communities or the world around us.


We arrive at a destination and realize that we're no longer fulfilled. Our decision to take the journey with traditional success no longer fuels our spirit and leaves us yearning for more purpose, passion and potential. 


This is where my journey began. 

Beyond Status Quo grew out of the desire to help working professionals overcome feelings of being unhappy, unfulfilled and disengaged inside and outside the workplace. To create lives filled with Authentic Success and Optimal Well-being.


While working with Fortune 100 and 500 corporations, I participated in leadership developement growth plans, the recipient of talent management awards, and became a trusted member of executive membership teams and earned the "six figure salary".


Even though I enjoyed the many rewards a successful career offered, I reached a turning point in life.  It was time to step back and rediscover who I desired to become as an individual and leader of my own life as well as the influence I shared with others.


I decided that having a six figure salary and a corporate title was not worthy of losing connection to  personal fulfillment and authenticity. It was time to "Get Real". I decided in order to experience meaningful work and true sustaining  relationships, it was time to make some new choices.


 I realized that if I wanted to create impact as a true leader for others, I needed to determine how to become the leader of my own life first, and this is where the journey began.


 I was on a quest to determine who I was as a leader, someone who could not only lead multi-million dollar contracts,  and teams of hundreds of personnel but how would I thrive with self-leadership?


Over the course of the next several years, I discovered what true  leadership is all about. You see, it's often easy to win as a leader when you have a large support team surrounding you. But what happens when life doesn't go as planned and you find yourself being the only one to "lead you forward"?


This discovery and awareness is the essense of true leadership. It is someone who can lead themself as well as others forward through difficult times and periods of uncertainty.


This awareness was followed by non-stop research and intensive study with the greatest leaders in the world, certification programs from experts in the industry, travel, retreats, workshops, inner reflection and so much more.


The quest to identify and become an Inspired and Authentic Leader of my own life as well as in my work with others became my unwavering focus.


This journey has led me to where I am today. I assist working professionals who yearn to experience more happiness and  deeper levels of fulfilment inside and outside the workplace so they can enjoy Authentic Success and Optimal Well-Being.

This experience has become my life's work and I am committed to transforming one leader at a time..... to become the leader of their own life so they can motivate and empower others.

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