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It's time to rise and shine

Inspired authentic leadership

A New Perspective For Experiencing Workplace Success

Book Description

It’s Time to Rise and Shine by Donna Tarquinio is a book about leadership excellence that shines a light on your path to limitless success in any workplace setting you choose.


By shifting and uplifting your perspective, you become The Inspired Authentic Leader — a title created by Author, Speaker, Certified Executive Leadership Coach and Consultant Donna Tarquinio. The Inspired Authentic Leader understands the dire need for workplace transformation today and must be prepared to achieve that goal.


This author draws from her extensive research, relevant life experiences and her own professional executive leadership background, including a successful 26-year career in fortune 100 corporations.


Her book takes you on a journey through Self-Leadership, Self-Management and Self-Mastery discoveries. Each exploration is laser-focused on integrating your core beliefs with the highest aspects of the Seven States of Leadership Success.


Exercises in the book also demonstrate how a renewed perspective resolves perceived obstacles in your path. Then, you are encouraged to share your wisdom, energy and spirit of abundant success with your coworkers, teams, clients and corporations.


This book serves as a road map for creating your unique formula for maximized success, reaching beyond traditional “I-win” strategies and developing authentic “we-win” leadership.

Replacing demotivating workplace agendas with inspiring opportunities,


It’s Time to Rise and Shine supports your goal to lead with ease, poise, confidence, focus, appreciation and a deep sense of fulfillment—ready to show up for work, and for life, as The Inspired Authentic Leader. A life changing experience with increased levels of success!

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