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Donna Tarquinio, PCC, CPC, ELI-MP, TLPC, CLDS, NCEP

Certified Executive Coach & Consultant

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Donna Tarquinio

Donna is a Certified Executive Coach and Consultant with certifications  approved by the International Coach Federation in Transformational Leadership Presence, Energy Leadership, Core Leadership Dynamics, Narrative Coach Enhanced Practitioner among others. She is registered as an Mentor Coach in the ICF Mentor Coach registry and  known as an inspiring leader with a strong drive for exceptional quality and increased success. 

I am absolutely passionate about creating inspired work experiences and helping working professionals overcome less than desirable work experiences. We all owe it to ourselves to create work  lives that fill us with joy, purpose, and impact.


I am a strong catalyst for Self-Leadership and Self-Mastery mindsets and have spent the majority of my lifetime studying this subject.


Our Services

Our Promise.....

We offer only customized solutions based upon the clients goals and desires. We do not believe in any cookie cutter solutions. Our goal is to use our extensive knowledge in the multiple areas of leadership to ensure you have all the resources and support you need to reach the next level of success.

It is our passion for you to succeed therefore, we will work closely with you to provide the tools, techniques and resources you need to reach your goals.

Our business is based on a "win-win" mindset" We don't win if you don't win

Our services are offered with one primary focus: to help you excel beyond the status quo boundaries  and limitations of success. To create a work life that you live, love and lead from a strength position.


One in Which You Thrive Not Simply Survive

We offer three signature leadership development programs, individual & group coaching, workshops and VIP retreats . Our goal is to ensure our customers have the flexibility and support they desire.

We routinely work with individuals, groups, teams, and corporations to provide creative solutions to fit customer needs.

Our  Signature Program

Go Beyond..Be Exceptional

A twelve week program that helps participants create a strong foundation with self -leadership awareness and begin to apply self-management  skills to  optimize their strengths.  Self-mastery  practices are used to define a personalized  leadership playbook for increased levels of success. This program includes:  weekly videos,  and workbooks combined with coaching sessions for maximum impact. A life-changing experience that will help you increase your success rate both inside and outside the workplace. 




Self Leadership is a vital component to all success. It establishes the foundation that is required to support all the other elements from  self-leadership through self-mastery.

During this program clients will be introduced to self-leadership using the principles of energy leadership to create a strong foundation to build upon.

You will gain tremendous insight on leadership from the core using the energy leadership framework to pinpoint strategies on how to create  energy that works for you instead of against you. This includes alignment of beliefs, perceptions, values, inner qualities and more with your vision of success.



The Self-Management program is the application program to build upon the core principles learned in the self-leadership program.

This program is focused upon "Who are you being" and how are you showing up to create the sucess or lack of success you're currently experiencing.

We will dig deeper into creating your own personal vision for success developing tools and techniques along the way to remove any blocks, challenges and points of resistance that comes up.

This session includes the Energy Leadership Index Assessment to pinpoint your leadership ability and gain insight into your success strengths and areas for improvement.



The Self-Mastery program is not to be missed . Its the secret to leadership success as you will create your own personal playbook that brings everything together into one system. A playbook that will be invaluable for current and future successes.

We deep dive into your own hidden strengths  and  weaknesses to create tangible strategies with tools of support . To ensure you maximize all of your core talents to reach the goals you desire and make the impact you wish to contribute.

This course is the pathway to fulfillment It empowers you with the keys you need to create the work experience and life success you yearn for.

You will be introduced to the SCOPE assessment for staying aligned with your core qualities and optimal performance factors. This assessment can be taken quickly at any time before, during or after a performance to help you pinpoint key factors of success and identify core patterns to not hitting the mark.


Your Journey To Greatness Begins Here


LIz McGuire

Donna Tarquinio is a coach with an impact! She has a pure gift for helping a client honor their values, be true to themselves and explore new ways of approaching solutions. She continually checks in to ensure that you're getting what you need from each session and partners to keep you accountable for your stated expectations.


She has valuable life and business experience along with a wonderful creative side which makes her an amazing coach.

Training & Development Manager

Miyako K. Wilson

Words cannot begin to express how thankful and happy I am to have been your client for three months. My life has been profoundly changed because of your coaching!


Thank you for your authenticity, your professionalism, and for sharing your amazing talent with me as my leadership coach. You're truly awesome and I'd defintely recommend you to other leaders who are in search of finding their true selves and reaching for their wildest dreams

It's so nice to be back in conversation with you again, you always get my "wheels" turning. Audre G.
Donna Tarquino

Workplace Success Coach

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